Natural Skin Care with Essential Oils – Part 2 | Beauty care

Looking good starts with great skin, and essential oils form part of the natural and holistic approach to skin care, leaving you looking and feeling beautiful.Part 1 of this article highlighted that nutrition is central to healthy skin, outlined which oils are suitable to the variety of skin types, and how best to apply them for general skin care. This article focuses on how to manage specific skin care problems with essential oils.AcneSeveral essential oils are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as their ability to regenerate the skin to a healthy state. These include geranium, bergamot, lavender and lemon.BlemishesOccassionally a few dry spots may appear on your skin. Firstly, ensure that you are drinking plenty of water. Secondly, make up a mixture of 1 drop each of lavender, lemon and neroli in 5 mL of base oil (eg. jojoba), and apply to the affected area with a cotton tip.Cold SoresTea tree oil (undiluted) may be useful in treating the spread of this herpes virus due to its strong anti-viral properties.Broken VeinsThese broken capillaries are caused by a number of factors such as alcohol, caffeine, hot and cold elements, insufficient water intake, and inherently delicate or fragile skin. Ensure your skin never dries out and apply treatments which include parseley, chamomile, cypress, geranium or rosemary oils diluted in a heavy base oil.

Simple Steps to Save Money on Translation Services | translation services

A translator is paid per page or per word that they translate and this makes a professional translation service quite costly. So how much a translator charges per word or per page? The charge per word or per page will depend mainly on the complexity of the language that you wish to translate into. Some translation companies also charge according to the number of man hours they need to put in for translation.So, to save money on translation services, follow these simple tips:
Deadline is an important factor that the translation companies look at before they provide you with the quotations. So, plan early to prevent any rush charge. Be ready with your documents and give the agencies considerable amount of time to work with.
Today, there are several translation agencies operating in the market. Before you choose a vendor, conduct a market research to compare price. Collect a few quotations and to see who is giving you the best offer.
The charges for translation based on per page or per word, so you should provide them with the exact number of words to translate. Do not provide texts which have repetitions. If the text provided to them have repetitions, ask for concessions or discounts for those words.
Check the credentials of a translation service provider before hiring them. This is done in order to avoid sub standard work and shelling out more money to retranslate them once more.
The translation agencies can charge you more if your document layouts are complex. You can give the text to be translated to the agency in a Word document format, with little or no formatting at all. It is your job to make the job of the translator easy.If you are running a business globally, then hire professional translation services. Hire the services of an agency which suits your budget. To make your business grow, you will have to seek the assistance of translation agencies.